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How to buy white latex? 4 points to buy white latex

White latex is a kind of adhesive. It is a medium for bonding substances and substances. It is one of the most important fine chemical products. It is one of the most widely used water-soluble adhesives with wide application, large dosage and longest history.
An important part of white latex is vinyl acetate, which is the most important raw material for the production of white latex. Any regular white latex production must use it, so its real name is polyvinyl acetate emulsion. Polyvinyl acetate emulsion It was introduced in 1929 and industrialized in 1939. In the 1940s, it developed rapidly abroad. Because it is a water-based adhesive, it is non-polluting, non-combustible, and its performance is superior to animal glue. After 1945, it replaced some animal glue. Since the process of producing white latex is a white emulsion formed by high temperature polymerization, some people are called white latex and milk white plastic.
At present, in the huge decoration market, the use of non-polluting and environmentally friendly white latex is becoming more and more important, and it is increasingly favored by people. But in many white latex brands, how should consumers distinguish between white latex and good or bad?
First of all, we have to ask what is its solid content? Some barrels are marked with solid content, if not, you can ask the purchaser directly. White latex for general household use, the solid content of about 30% -35% is the best. If it is 20% - 25%, it can be used in the more common wood paste. The higher the solids content, the less moisture is present in the white latex and the stronger its adhesion.
Secondly, if the store is convenient, you can open a small bucket of test equipment and smell the white latex. A good white latex should have a clear fragrance instead of a pungent sour or other unpleasant smell. Good white latex does not contain formaldehyde and is therefore safe and non-toxic.
Again, buy the returned white latex, the faster the drying process, the better, under normal circumstances, the white latex after 24 hours of flat pressure will dry out. If it is not dry, the quality of the white latex is not very good, or the construction environment is too humid.
Finally, check what color the dried white latex is. Good white latex is transparent after drying, and the more transparent the better. And after the dry white latex, the two adhesives are not easily pulled apart, indicating that the bonding strength is very strong.

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