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What are the wood glues involved in furniture production?

The materials needed for furniture production involve the bonding of wood and wood, the bonding of wood and plastic materials, and the wood glue is used for the combination of wood and wood in the production of furniture. The veneer and edge banding involved in furniture production. , jigsaw, finger joints, splicing, pressing, etc. are inseparable from wood glue. What are the classifications of wood glue? From the form: liquid adhesive (water-based adhesive) and solid adhesive (hot melt adhesive), from the process points: there are paste glue, jigsaw glue, pressure plate glue, assembly glue, edge banding glue (heat Melt) and so on.
First, paste leather
Sticking rubber is mainly used for manual edge sealing, hot pressing veneer, bending line, veneer repairing, etc. It is also divided into hand-applied veneer glue and hot-pressed veneer glue, which greatly promotes the transformation of furniture design. Early skin glue has universal glue and white latex. With the advancement of the times and the development of science and technology, professional skin glue has emerged. Compared with the universal glue, it is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and has high final strength and solvent resistance. Compared with ordinary white latex, it has the characteristics of less cloth, quick drying, high production efficiency and easy rework (reversible).
Second, the board glue
The jigsaw glue is mainly used for the splicing of solid wood, and has the characteristics of high strength, good water resistance (can achieve D4 waterproof effect) and the like. It consists of a main agent and a curing agent. It needs to be adjusted during use, and the activity period is short. Therefore, there are certain requirements for the operation time and the glue usage time after the glue adjustment.
Third, the pressure plate glue
The pressure plate glue is suitable for the process of thickening of plates, combination of wood and wood, pressing honeycomb paper, etc. It has the characteristics of high bonding strength and fast curing speed. In the early market, white latex and urea-formaldehyde rubber pressure plate are commonly used. With the improvement of people's living standards, As well as the requirements of environmental protection, urea-formaldehyde glue will be slowly eliminated by the market. White latex occupies most of the market. White latex has a relatively long pressurization time (more than 4 hours) and low strength, but for the door factory, In addition, the keel print is indeed a major pain point in the industry. The deep and fast glue GW-2525 solves this pain point very well, with quick drying (30 minutes), environmental protection, high strength and no keel print.
Fourth, assembly glue
Assembly glue is a glue used in the combination of two parts in the wood process, such as: 45 ° angle parts of the glue, finger joint, snoring and other processes. In the early stage, there were wood glue powder, jigsaw glue and white latex. At present, furniture factories are gradually replacing them with professional assembly glue. In comparison, the professional assembly glue has the advantages of no single glue adjustment, fast drying, high toughness, high wet strength, good shock resistance and resistance to falling.
The above is the whole content of wood glue classification, if you want to know more, please stay tuned for our news.

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