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Super strong environmentally friendly white latex

People use adhesives for an extremely long history. Humans have noticed the phenomenon of bonding in nature thousands of years ago, such as the crustacean firmly attached to rocks. The bonding phenomenon in nature inspires people to use the method of bonding objects. More than 5,000 years ago, humans knew that water and clay were used together in production labor to bond stones and solids into living tools. It can be seen from unearthed cultural relics and archaeological excavations that lacquer was used as an adhesive and paint to make utensils more than 4,000 years ago. In the cycle of 3,000 years ago, animal glue was used as a caulking seal for wooden boats. Before 2000, the foundation stone of the Great Wall was glued with lime and glutinous rice pulp. The Great Wall was used to stand in the east of the world and became a symbol of the ancient civilization of the Chinese nation. With the development of production and science and technology, the demand for adhesives is becoming more and more extensive. People are not unfamiliar with adhesives. They can be seen everywhere in daily life. The carton packaging of various products is bonded, and the “plain, bonding” for furniture is used. It is an adhesive and is widely used in craft products, leather, transportation, and health. Adhesives have become an indispensable material in life and have received extensive attention and have gradually evolved into an independent industrial industry. With the rapid production of industrial products, the market demand has increased exponentially.
        According to the huge market demand, combined with the type and use of adhesives, the company selected the “white latex” with large market demand and broad prospects as a rubber research project, and was composed of 7 scientific research personnel to form a special research group.
 (1) Non-toxic, environmentally friendly, non-combustible, production and use are harmless to the human body, safe and reliable, and high added value of products.
       (2) High bonding strength grade, fast curing speed, acid and stagnation resistance, anti-aging, water resistance and freeze-thaw resistance. The fluidity, smoothness and compression shear strength are superior to similar products.
       (3) Variety, grades, super strong environmentally friendly white latex, “wood puzzle glue (high school, low grade), wood adhesive (high school, low grade), carton adhesive (high school, low grade), leather adhesive (high school, low grade) ) and other series. A variety of products are available in high, medium and low grades to meet different consumer needs.
       (4) Excellent physical and chemical properties and long shelf life. It can be miscible with other aqueous colloids in any ratio. No precipitation, no delamination, no gelation and other undesirable phenomena. The shelf life is 12 months, which is twice that of traditional white latex.
       (5) The curing speed is fast, the use is convenient and quick, and the film is naturally dried for 4-6 hours, and the film forming temperature is higher than 0 ° C, which greatly improves the working efficiency.
       (6) The process is simple and the cost is low. The traditional white latex production process has been changed, without multiple polymerizations, and the finished product can be produced in 4 hours, and the cost is extremely low, which is one-half of the same quality product.
       (7) It is widely used in the production of wood panels, wood bonding, wood-based panel processing, carton bonding, fiber leather bonding, paper products, textiles and various coatings. It is a long-term product used by enterprises such as furniture factories, building materials factories, paper packaging factories and leather processing factories.

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