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Due to the coming of the autumn and winter seasons, the weather began to cool down and dry. When using our company's paper plastic series, polishing glue series and other products, it is recommended to strengthen the process management such as gluing and lamination.
In order to avoid the phenomenon of foaming, bursting, non-sticking or false sticking in the middle of the gift box, jewelry box and other products, please pay attention to the following points in the process of paste box:
Glue adjustment, control
1. According to the face paper of the paste box, the thickness of the glue should be properly adjusted.
For example: there is a photo-adhesive tape, the glue is slightly thinner, the glue is too thick, and the rubber road is bigger, which affects the appearance of the product. Generally, the paper-filled paper, handmade paper, fiber paper, pearl paper, etc., can absorb the amount of glue more appropriately. The less the amount of glue is applied, the faster the dry solid is, the easier it is to stick or not. Sticky phenomenon.
2, the dry humidity of the glue when fitting
According to the statistical analysis of the past customer's on-site understanding and complaints, the box that appears to be blistering and blasting is because the paper is piled up too much after the glue is applied, and the cooling time is too long, not in the wet state of the glue. The resulting bonded product will appear to be foamed after a period of time, and the false stick is not strong.
3, the degree of pressure
When the box is glued, some customers only use a gloved hand to wipe it a few times, so that it is not in place in strength and comprehensiveness. In some parts of the box, there will be foaming. Generally, each part is pressed with a bamboo stick or a plastic rod or a foaming machine.
4, operating guidelines
A. Adjust the thickness of the glue according to different paper surfaces to ensure that there is enough glue.
B. After applying the glue, it is necessary to master the dry moisture of the glue for bonding.
C, from the time of observation, generally cool for two to three minutes, that is, to fit
D. From the appearance of cold glue, 70% of the glue changes from white to transparent, and the bonding effect is best.
E. After the general fit, immediately wipe it with your hand, and then apply it to each part of the box with a bamboo stick or a plastic rod or a bubbler.

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