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Is the white latex more concentrated?

  Each industry has its own unique characteristics and the terminology is different. Just like our glue industry, solid content, viscosity, concentration and pH are the most basic ones.
    People often find it easy to confuse viscosity and viscosity, as well as viscosity and solids content. In most people's opinion, the higher the concentration of glue, the higher the solid content, which is proportional to it. In fact, there is no direct relationship between the viscosity of water-based glue and viscosity. Taking white latex as an example, most customers who do not know how to do it are simply think that the thicker the white latex is, the higher the solid content is. Many customers use the concentration of white latex as the purchase standard. If your white latex is not enough. Thick, even if the effect is good, it is not the object they like. This has nothing to do with how much water is added during use. It is a pure psychological standard.
    Some time ago, there was a demand for high concentration of white latex for customers. The viscosity requirement was not high at all. It was required to be thicker, thicker and placed in a teacup, and the glue was difficult to shed. This concentration is high enough, but the solid content is not high at all, only about 28%. Our company has a slightly better white latex with a solids content of 46%, which is a bit thinner than normal white latex.
    The reason for this is to tell those customers who need white latex, don't be fooled by illusions, think that high concentration is good, and the thin products are low-grade products with low solid content. When purchasing glue, be sure to communicate carefully with the manufacturer, let them recommend it for you, and the price is reasonable. As long as there are no special requirements during the operation, the influence of thick and thin can be ignored.

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