What should I do if the white latex is layered?

This is often the case when you buy white latex. If the glue is bought for a while and then opened, you will find that the upper layer is water and the bottom is the emulsion. This phenomenon is called the glue moisture layer. It is a normal physical phenomenon. This does not mean that the white latex has expired. Don't worry too much.
    Then this happens, how to deal with it? Under normal circumstances, the label of the barrel packaging has a date of manufacture and a shelf life. First, it must be confirmed that the glue has not passed the shelf life. Secondly, in the "Attention" column of the label, there will basically be such a comment "The glue moisture layer is a normal phenomenon, and the layer is found after opening the lid, please stir it evenly and use it." Don't worry that this will affect the viscosity of the glue, although it will not be good in the senses.
    Some customers will not understand why there is stratification, that is, the glue is degraded, and it is strongly required to return or exchange goods. When you encounter a problem, you must first contact customer service to ask what is the cause of the problem and what countermeasures will affect your product. If it does not affect the normal use, it can be used under the guidance of customer service, it can not be used, and it is not too late to request return or exchange.

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