Advantages of water-based yellow plastic in the packaging industry

Yellow gum is widely known, but most people do not know the existence of water-based yellow gum. In most people's impressions, yellow gum is a universal glue, which is what we often say. Maybe you don't think that many bags and boxes in your life are made of water-based yellow glue. When you don't understand it, it has already appeared in your life.
    Anyone who does the packaging industry, especially the color box packaging, they can not do without this glue. Why is it so dependent on this glue, why is this glue widely used in this industry? First of all, the glue operation is very simple, whether it is manual brush or machine glue is very good, and the glue is easy to clean, directly clean the water. Secondly, the bonding effect on various wrapping papers is very good and can meet various requirements. Moreover, compared to other glues, such water-based yellow gums are not as good as they are, but they are better at lower prices. Finally, it is environmental protection. Compared with oily yellow plastic, this kind of water-based yellow plastic is actually more environmentally friendly.
    Although it is widely used in this industry, some require special or high-grade products, it can not meet, need to use other glue to replace. But being able to take an absolute advantage in this industry is enough to illustrate its importance.

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